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My name is Michael Meagher and I am a licensed loan officer (NMLS # 1577708) in MA,NH & ME.. I am well known for my integrity and sensitivity to the different needs of my clients, and would consider it a privilege to work for you.I am available 24/7 and keep you informed every step of the process.

Why choose Us?

We both realize time is of the essence in closing on a deal. I understand the logistics involved and can ensure that your real estate transactions be finalized well within escrow timelines. Throughout my entire professional career I have demonstrated exceptional communication and believe it is the corner stone to success.

Why choose Us?

I have the ability and flexibility to quickly shop rates and terms so I can put together the best loan together for you. In addition, I take the time to explain the legal aspects of the loan as well as the payment and terms. From helping you gather necessary documents to securing appraisals and titles, I can make the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

Home Purchase Basics

1.Your Real Estate Agent

Count on your Real Estate Agent to help you preview available homes to weed out those that are overpriced, or undesirable in some other way.

2.Your Mortgage Broker

Count on your Mortgage Loan Officer to assist you in selecting the best home loan to meet your personal situation and goals.

3.Count On Yourself

Count on yourself to keep your Mortgage Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent informed of any questions or concerns as they develop.

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I Will Put Together The Best Loan For You.

A decision to purchase a home can be stressful. Buying a home is a big step. Allow me to find the loan program that’s best suited for you! You do not pick a house that is going to work for others but rather one that will work perfect for you. Let me help you get financed so you can have that dream home right away.